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TGQ pursuit of excellence, never surrender, therefore we dedicate providing superior quality of control arm, ball joint, and stabilizer link with more than 38 years experience.

Taiwan Golden Quality with more than 38 years molding and stamping manufacture experience, specialized in suspension and control arm steering system parts design and manufacture. We provide outstanding quality parts, highly capacity and satisfying service which you concerned the most.

  • Control Arm

    Control Arm

    TGQ suspension control arms has low weight, high bucking and bending resistance, and durability under the impact of lateral, starting and breaking forces, which is why we are proud to declare this as our forte.

  • Bush


    TGQ bushing has superior wearing resistance, corrosion resistance and lower friction coefficient which make it long service life.

  • Ball Joint

    Ball Joint

    TGQ ball joints are spherical bearings that connect the control arms to the steering knuckles.

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